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Good Appetite Company is devoted to not adding food research and development for many years, on the basis of consumer's expectation to the food security, we select natural and raw materials organic severely, develop healthy, natural successively, the delicious food that has not added the food.

"Healthy, delicious and natural"s are our consistent persistence to the product ,our series of products all pass by strict of the quality control ,through ISO22000&HACCP&HALAL international food safety certification, and verified by the AGRICULTURE AND FOOD AGENCY,COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURE,EXECUTIVE YUAN " Organic Agriculture and Food Processing and Organic Agriculture and Food sub-package ", Our natural product is numerous ,such as Frozen Food ,there are Steamed bread、Kimchi、Radish Cake、Pumpkin Cake、Vegetarian Dumplings series,Nature handmade vegetarian Wonton,and a series of Organic non-Sugar & Egg Handmade cookies、Sugar-free Multi Valleys Cookies、Sugarfree Hand made egg rolls、Non-Sugar & Egg Handmade Cookies、Non-Sugar Egg Handmade Crumpet、Square Cookies、Nougat、Black Fungus Drink....and so on. The organic shop on sale throughout the country reaches more than 350, the main marketing channel includes 7-11、Santa Cruz、Eslite、TIN TIN DRUGSTORE..etc; the overseas market is areas such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, U.S.A.,etc..

We expect to have more chances to popularize the diet ideas of organic, natural, health, environmental protection, let consumers enjoy and has not added the food, no longer just in order to pursue the health, can eat the creative delicious food out even more.