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  Our product is numerous ,such as Frozen Foods, there are Steamed bread、Kimchi、 Radish Cake、Pumpkin Cake、Vegetarian Dumplings series、Nature Handmade Vegetarian Wonton;a series of handmade cookies,Organic non-Sugar & Egg Handmade cookies、Sugar-free Multi Valleys Cookies、Sugarfree Hand made egg rolls、Non-Sugar & Egg Handmade Cookies、Non-Sugar&Egg Handmade Crumpet、Square Cookies、Nougat、Black Fungus Drink....and so on. The organic shop on sale throughout the country reaches more than 350, main marketing channel includes 7-11、Santa Cruz、Eslite、TIN TIN DRUGSTORE..etc; the overseas market is areas such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, U.S.A.,etc..